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Celebrating beauty and diversity in worship: We are an ecumenical and interfaith group of researchers and practitioners, passionate about the great richness of worship cultures in our own communities and beyond. Based at the University of Divinity, Melbourne, Australia, our outlook is international as well as local. We are especially interested in worship traditions as they emerge in new contexts, are handed on from generation to generation, cross lands and oceans to take on fresh settings, mix aspects of old and new practice, welcome difference, open up to strangers, shape communities, and bless persons. Appreciative enquiry is our guiding principle, and we have a media-rich approach to what we do. We love on-site visits to places of worship and liturgical events of many kinds. Our writings and reportage range from personal reflections, to video and audio journals, to more formal scholarly publications. Enjoy this website and return often! 

April update: Almost four months after launching ExploringLiturgy.org, we are delighted to share with our readers some recent statistics: 1) we have readers on every continent in the world, except Antarctica... still holding out for those liturgy enthusiasts on Mawson Station... 2) Our readers, so far, are concentrated in Australia, followed by the U.K. and the United States, with significant numbers across Europe, in India, Singapore, New Zealand, and South Africa. We even have one reader from Iceland! Welcome, all. These first months have seen the surfacing of some prominent - perhaps controversial - articles; namely visits to several large Pentecostal/-esque churches in Melbourne (City on a Hill, Hillsong), as well as significant contributions in the Interfaith and Art and Spirituality areas. We reviewed a book launch and anticipate a symposium on the Prayer book Tradition coming up this year. And a warm "thank you" to those who gave your time, photos, and words as Contributors to this wonderful web-adventure. Thank you, friends.

December update: Thanks to all those who attended our Website Launch. You can see images from the event here, and read Stephen Burns' paper, Futures of Worship in a Diverse World. We also thank Warren Burt for his lecture Music and Spirituality in the 20th Century, Bryan Cones for contributing articles to the Rituals and Communities section of the website, and Tony Doran (https://www.liturgy.org.au/about-aal/) for launching the site. We warmly thank The Australian Research Theology Foundation, Inc. for supporting the initial phase of our research and publication venture. 

Exploringliturgy.org acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.