Happy Birthday Exploring Liturgy!


Above: shifting images at the launch event for Exploring Liturgy, Pilgrim Theological College, December 15, 2017.

LITURGY: from the Greek words for “people” and “work.”  
Work of the people—about the assembly, ways people participate, expressing their cultures… 
Work for the people—concerned with hospitality, a public service, opening to those who are absent…  

Photos from Exploring Liturgy—ecumenical, interfaith…
Most photos by Catherine Schieve or Stephen Burns, with others as acknowledged on pages of the website to John Cliff, Tegan Northwood, Jason Goroncy, Craig Mitchell, Karl Volkmar and Nick White, the Facebook pages of The Crossing, Boston, USA, Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, USA, and United Theological College, North Parramatta, Australia, and book covers of Gabe Huck, Liturgy With Style and Grace (1984 ed.) and Stephen Burns’ Pilgrim People (2012) and Worship in Context (2006).