Prayer for Peace, South / North Korea border

Gangwha Peace Observatory

Jacob Paolo Lagarda offers these photos of a Prayer for Peace held at Gangwha Peace Observatory overlooking the border of South and North Korea: 

Below, the only tombstone which South Koreans can visit and pay respects to in honour of relatives buried in North Korea:


Below, plaque to Australians who served in the Korean War:


 All photos by Jacob Paolo Lagarda, with thanks!

Ganghwa Anglican Church, South Korea

Jacob Paolo Legarda sends these photos from the Ganghwa Anglican Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, also known as Ganghwa Cathedral located at Incheon, South Korea. He writes:

“I'm in Korea representing the Anglican Church of Australia on a working group to organise a regional youth gathering in 2020. The church is on Ganghwa Island... very close to the South/North border. It's considered by many Korean Anglicans as Korea's holy island like Iona because it's where the missionaries landed and where (amazingly) many priests and nuns originally come from! So apparently it's a spiritual powerhouse for vocations.”

- All photos by Jacob Paolo Legarda / September, 2018

Ganghwa Anglican Church, Korea / Jacob Paolo Legarda, 2018

Ganghwa Anglican Church, Korea / Jacob Paolo Legarda, 2018


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- Thank you, Jacob!